Hello everyone! Thank you so much for visiting my brand new website and for reading my first ever blog!

I have been meaning to join the 21st century for a while now, my singing career has so far not been very well documented online, but those of you who know me will know technology is not my forte! When Covid-19 hit and my singing work for the foreseeable future emptied from my diary it seemed like the perfect time to update my promotional materials in preparation for next audition season. On a break from Zoom singing lessons, practicing moves with my new Downdog yoga app and trying to reach my daily XP target on Duolingo (gotta love lockdown…) I entered an Instagram competition to win a free website. Never having much luck with these sort of things (my sister got the lucky gene!), I didn’t think much more of it until I received a notification saying I had won! Step in Danny at DL Digital…

From our initial discussion, working with Danny on this website was a total joy. He was incredibly helpful at putting my vague ideas into a fully functioning website and I can’t believe how quickly he put it all together! If anyone is looking for professional and personal web design or digital marketing I cannot recommend DL Digital enough!

So now I’ve set up a professional facebook singing page (please follow this and my instagram and twitter feeds using the icons below!) and my promotional materials are all up to date! Thank you DL Digital, lockdown mission accomplished! Now to sort out those recordings…



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